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  • Charles C. Johnson - CEO

    WICKR: researchisgood

  • Pax Dickinson - CTO

    WICKR: paxdickinson

  • Peter Duke - C3PO


  • Mailing Address

    WeSearchr Holdings
    9931 Gidley Street
    El Monte, CA 91731
  • Contributions PO Box

    If you'd like to contribute to a bounty by sending us a check or money order, please include the bounty URL and send your contribution to:

    WeSearchr Inc.
    PO Box 63
    Huntington Mills, PA 18622

Secure Uploads

WeSearchr uses open source encryption software to securely encrypt all attached Answer files in your browser, before they leave your computer, and they can only be decrypted using a private key that is kept off-line.

If you would like to deliver a file to us securely via other means and you're knowledgeable about cryptography, you can encrypt it using the below public key which is the same key used to encrypt file uploads.

WeSearchr Public Key (4096 bit, RSA)