It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. We post bounties on questions people want answered.
2. We pay the people that answer them.
3. That's it.

  • WeSearchr users called "Askers" watch the news cycle and figure out what people want to know. Anyone can sign up for a WeSearchr account and anyone can be an Asker. It's free and always will be.
  • If an Asker believes there is enough interest in a question, they will create a Proposed Bounty to pay for the answer to the question. Answers might come from researchers, journalists, trolls, or whistleblowers.
  • Once a Proposed Bounty reaches its Minimum, it becomes a Wanted Bounty. Users can still contribute to increase the reward, and the Asker will review any submitted Answers to the Bounty.
  • If the Asker feels that the Bounty has been successfully Answered, WeSearchr will review their choice of Answers. Answers might come as video, audio, text documents, photos, DNA evidence, reports, or anything else.
  • If the Answer fulfills the terms of the Bounty, WeSearchr will release the information to the Asker and the Asker can publish the Answer in an outlet of their choice, or WeSearchr can help publish it.
  • If the veracity of the Answer has not been credibly challenged 30 days after the story's release, WeSearchr divides the Bounty amount raised as follows:
    • 75% of the Bounty amount is awarded to the researcher(s) who delivered the winning Answer(s).
    • 10% is awarded to the Asker, for asking a great question and spreading the word.
    • 15% is kept by WeSearchr, to fund our business and improve the site.

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